Hydrema 912D Multichassis

912D_MultiChassis_UK-3.jpgThe 912D is also available in a version without the dumper body and the two rear tipping towers. This version is then offered with MultiChassis, which makes it possible to mount other tools, simple and rapidly. The MultiChassis is designed with a flat chassis, which simplifies the mounting of different tools. This means that the same machine can be used for different tasks, simply by changing the composition of the machine.

The MultiChassis can also be mounted with the MultiTip body; so greater flexibility and usability of the dump truck can be achieved, since more tasks can be solved with the same machine.The significant features of the 912D MultiChassis are ruggedness, off-road-capacity, efficiency and simple interaction with the machine. Combined with low ground pressure, the 912D MultiChassis is a universal platform for different mountings of tools such as: cranes, distributors, tank containers, …

Download Hydrema 912D Multi Chassis brochure (PDF)

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